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Off-shore business is grabbing grounds gradually and companies are in fact saving on the bottom line by cutting costs. However there are few issues that are most often faced while getting services accomplished from a service provider or agency which is across shores. At ACMA we focus client satisfaction, Customer Success and Market royalty, focus following Competitive analysis and services.

Major Problem in Outsourcing now these days?

    Major Problem in web Outsourcing in this Outsource Market
    • Cost ( Many Individual freelancer and small fake organization are working only for part time money, they focus low cost bid for get award project and take money as upfront and ran away, at the end customer lost his money and ripped by such Freelancer developer and fail in project development.
    • Work style (Many Individual freelancer and small organization they are focusing on maximum project and they are asking only for requirement detail and Project requirement flow and wasting Customer time, whenever customer get delay in project specification they stop work and start new customer project at end maximum outsourcing project got fail.)
    • The quality of the work  (Many Individual freelancer and small organization they are focusing only taking  maximum project and earning part time money  so they focus only money and very rare they focus on quality because such freelancer and company having not more time.
    • Communication Barriers
    • defined acceptance criteria
    • Involvement of the part time Freelancer.
    • Time differences and work ethics
    • Working an individual Freelancer for Part time money.

      Here at ACMA strongly focus on client project success. A strong business acumen with good industry contacts who can drive business to the company.

      Even If your are a Company or a freelancer which  a project contractor  or Owner can outsource the projects to us and we focus on.

    • Competitive analysis and  services
    • Focus Brand Identity of your Project
    • Competitive advantage - from other vendors
    • Efficiency of production and thus profitability
    • Reduce the development cost and time
    • Focus on better quality of development
    • Full Company support for enhance quality
    • Timely project progress reporting and communication
    • Guaranty of Successful project delivery within time limit 

      Here at ACMA we provide a  dedicated development  facility included Team Leader, Web and Graphics Designer , where the focus is on long-term gains from offshore outsourcing and long term relationship development. Through our dedicated facilities we provide a continuous and cost effective solution to customers’ for there offshore requirement. With precise resources, equipment and infrastructure exclusively for the customer we offer the best skill sets to our clients.
      We allow you to hire a personal dedicated team for your work. This team will be working fully for you in every case.

        • If Client hire 2 or upto 5 Developer then ACMA will assign 1 web and graphics design part time free of Cost for handle your  design related issue  .
        • If Client hire 5 or upto 9 Developers then ACMA will assign a Dedicated Team Leader and 1 web and graphics designer free of Cost for Handle your project  .
        • If Client hire 10 or more than 20 Developer   then ACMA will assign a Dedicated Team Leader, 1 designer and 1 Project Manager  free of Cost for Handle your project  .

          We are looking for overseas web and software Contractor in Australia, USA, Canada, UK, Asia Pacific and Middle-east for offshore development partnership.

        Cost per Programmer


        Hours per Week

        Min. Contract Duration

        Price (USD)

        Price (USD)


        1 Time Contact for Our Services Testing for General Website design


        2 Week



        1.5 Year

        PHP/MySQL Programmer


        3 Months




        Advance PHP/MYSQL Programmer


        3 Months




        Team Leader


        3 Month



        4+ Year

        XHTML/Web2.0 Designer


        3 Months



        3+ Year

        Web Designer


        3 Months



        2+ year

        For bulk pricing, please contact personally at Email:- admin@acmasolutions.net
        Timing (Work schedule):
        Monday to Saturday 11 am to 6 pm (Indian time) 2 Saturday off in a Month
        Holidays (Paid & included):
        Sunday and Indian National/Regional Holidays.

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Shopping cart Development OS Commerce, Zen Cart, Magneto, Volusion, Virtual Mart, Silverstone.

Face book, Linkdin, Orkut, MYspace, Twitter, MYcentos
Social Networking, Dating, Youtube.

Flash Audio / Video , Corporate Identity, Photography, Graphics Design, Illustrations , Page / Book Layout, Business Cards, Logo Design, Banner Ads, Photo Retouching, Print Ads, 3D Graphics Presentation Design, Brochures, Music Services.


Web Promotion, Copywriting, Link Building, Scientific Research, SEO  , SEM / Adwords, Online Marketing
Market Research, Competitive Analysis, Lead Generation, Marketing Plans , Branding Marketing, Business Plans.


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Usability Testing
Ecommerce Website
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